If up is down and down is up which way do I go
If left is right and right is left I really need to know
So I sit here pondering and pondering all day
So I decide where I now sit is where I'll stay
If the briar rabbit is always late do a very important date
Then everyone should just expect to have to wait
Like Humpty Dumpty who sat on the wall
I may have to put my pieces back together again before I fall
And like the wizard of Oz the great
My mind is spinning like the tornado that wiped out the state
I said we are not in Kansas anymore
What did Dorothy think we she opened the door
When she saw all the little people running her way
I'd have to do years of therapy just to be ok
And what kind of wizard is only a head
Where is the rest of your body you head
The lion has no courage must mean no balls
Was he born without them or did they just not fall
I'm confused how can the tin man move around
When in his chest no heart was found
And last but not least poor Todo what did he think about this adventure where did they really go
Questions left unanswered about the mystery of this place
Follow the yellow brick road with a smile on your face
I am the great and powerful bro

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