Title : Enigmatic Love Song
Author : Royan
Date : 11/11/2020

Though words are clouded in my head
It's tough trying to explain !
If I could have your 'thinking' read,
It wouldn't take much time to rain,
But love's strong, that's where I belong,
So I've gotta endure the pain.

Memories are unfair they capture our mind,
Until we can think no more ;
So nothing of you I've left behind,
My heart has them all in store !

From the day I stepped on earth,
Till destiny opened my eyes on you,
My heart never beat such mirth,
My eyes never knew a million drops of dew.

If I had not seen those sunshiny days,
And the moonlit nights of your sky,
My heart would've lacked your warm loving rays,
And the starry kiss of your eyes.

It's true I couldn't comprehend your love -
To me it tasted inane,
But gradually, I don't know how ,
My heart felt it all so sane,
And everything 'bout you, seems vivified now,
Eminently, our first kiss in the train.

Every beat in my heart gushed phrases
Of love-stained blood, to my head,
But whenever I see you, my memory 'erases'
Everything - just one isn't dead !
That's which I said, 'I Love You'.
Now, I'll love you my whole life through.

I drown in our night when darkness pours,
Like the restless waves of the sea.
Like the roaring wind of constant blows,
I stay awake overwhelmed and lonely.

Still remember the first time our eyes met,
And our kiss so strong and tender,
Evoking it, makes my cheeks wet;
Stealing emotions I can never hinder!

Dream of you beside me like reality.
You hold my hand and touch my face benignly.
Just creates a feeling of insanity -
The touch of your lips on mine.

In that pitch of silence I sense,
The passion trampling within me,
The mysterious feeling of your touch's immense!
A sinking experience of perfect ecstasy.

Loneliness was my widespread desert,
When I thirsted for a drop of love.
From your big heart a million drops spurt,
Like the gallow rain gushing from above.

When my hopes where shattered to fragments,
You built the strength of my faith,
Changed my dreams to lively moments,
You're my reality in a world so fake!

Love I thought was like the eternal mate
Of the sea and the sky,
But you made me realize love is much more,
Coz even after the skies crumble down,
And the deep seas dry,
My soul will unbreak, and my love will still flow !

This world would be framed in the shape of an heart,
If you and I were God's first creation,
But now that we've come far from that start,
It just seems like an hallucination .


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