Ms. Insecure Black Woman

Insecure Black Woman,
Why do you tear me down and not build me up?
Why do you hate my curls and despise my skin?
Why am I not accepted by your standards of a sister?

Insecure Black Woman,
We have marched the same marches and chanted the same cheers
Yet the shoes on my feet and the purity of my heart and soul
Somehow makes me less of a black woman in your eyes.

Racist stereotypes bang on our windows and flood our streets
Yet you still manage to spit insults on my roots and expressions
I am rejected for my openness to everyone instead of being praised
And hated by so-called sisters when the eye of a brother catches mine

We should yell down the halls for our sister unity
Show the world they were wrong for calling us "angry"
But instead we reject our own culture for the ill-mannered and ghetto
And still we wonder why "family" is only an expression to us

Strong black women fought for us, yet we now fight each other
Who are we to change what was made for us and us only?
Life is not in black and white, so why should our hearts be?
Oh, Insecure Black Woman, when will I be loved?

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