Ms. Lally Pia

Day, slow down, don’t go so fast
It’s 10:30 and I’m out of bed at last
My mind is whirling with things I want to do
Play piano, write a chapter, see if the mint grew
And so I lovingly follow each thought all the way
Imagine completion at the end of the day
Standing there, cold, I feel lazy, bereft
The crumpled sheets beckon, and the warmth I left
Their siren call seduces; bends my will
I take one step, another, then another, quicker still
Leaden eyelids cannot veil the enticing pillow crater
I dive back into the soothing balm a second later
Pull the covers over my ears to ward off the disgust
The “I should, I have to, I want to, I must…”
Day, slow down, don’t go so fast
Ten more minutes is all I ask.

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