Ms Teller

I lay in my bed awake
And lonely just like a loner,
Waiting to listen to your heartbeats,
I don't wanna close my eyes
And slip into sleep,
I can surely miss a thing,
'Cause I'd miss a dream of mine .

I can't stare at you enough,
At my back your clients huff,
Maybe your smile can't kill faster
Just like I slam-in the Bank door
With my legs shaking,
My heart panting
And my soul yearning
Just to take a look at you,
My heart desire,
Setting all my senses on fire,
Standing at the stern of your long
Sluggish queue.

Sometimes, Often, I don't want the world
To see me,
'Cause methinks
They don't understand
What it's like standing at the tail of queue
And you're on the other side
Igniting my feelings with a blaze
Every time I raise my eyebrows
And find you smilin'
With simple, gorgeous and expensive lip gloss,
Strumming my pain with yo' soft fingers,
Sing my life with your chirping words,
Striking the rage
Of my love and affection,
Ms Teller,
You killing me softly.

You on the other side swinging in the chair
And every stir you make
Throws me curve balls
Just like dragons, they're fire balls,
I like it watching me burn,
Well, that's all right,
'Cause I adore how you raise your gaze at me
I can't tell you what it really is,
But I can only edify you what it feels
Inside my heart,
Ms Teller, It really hurts
Discerning that you belong to someone else,
Ain't me!
Eish! There's a steel blade
Dividing me through,
I can't breath anymore,
Ms Teller, as you pushing facts in files
Count me too,
I can't look you in the eyeball

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