Mulberry Massacre

Your unexplainable aches
Let's talk of
The mulberry massacre
On surfaces so grey
That you bear
Inside a melancholic weight
Yes each one of you
Let's talk of
The love that is
Kept aside, kept inside
In jars of clear bliss
Perhaps let's just sit across
No. right now
Let's talk of
Insignificant signifincance
Poetic dilemmas
And, sense that don't make sense
To the apparent world
Let's talk of
The ones that never come true
But wait,
How are you?
Amidst April and May
And changing odours on the way
Let's talk of
sweaty summer streets, perhaps?
And Walking past the sweetest mangoes
Under dense deciduous shades
With Longings of belongings
While walking to work
Let's talk of
Much more than you can say.

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