multi-colored beauties

Slowly, her world turned from gray to Technicolor…
She had seen mirror reflections with bruises
And she had seen rainbows in the sky as promises
Slowly, her world she started to recolor
She picked up the paintbrush & used more than watercolors
I’m coming back for you all she said to the darkness
She’d use her talent to stop the darkening
Her pens & pencils on the paper would become her tunnelers
She’d reach the top to warm up the tundra
She’d embody the Sun to melt what was frozen
The once unwanted would feel utterly chosen
She wanted to spread love by the tons
Only because she knew the thievery of those skeletons
She knew love could be stolen at any instant
In hindsight, she wondered where the Hell it went
It was like the water missing from beautiful garden fountains
Emptiness growing cold is what lack of love destines
But what is love she thought with pure focus
She’d lost it now, but was it all hocus-pocus
Give her an empty heart, & she’d start over
She’d find love even if she’d have to use a land rover
Right on kid fill your empty heart up with bliss
Tell your rock bottom excuse me while the sky I kiss
Grab the acrylic and oil color paints & build this life in multi-medium
You have experience, and you have something to grow from
They buried us, but they didn’t know we were seeds
We found room to breathe & grew to the tallest of trees
Grow we did indeed to eventually blooming flowers of blue & pink hibiscus
From the ground up we built ourselves to here
So I stand here saying keep changing my multi-colored beauties

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