Mun and Soon

I walk through the garden of my youth,
smelling the flowers,
passing the hours,
The moonlight is shining through,
striking me dead.

The little pond at the end of the path
ripples, shakes,
for suddenly it makes
a tiny sun, with the aftermath,
of a trillion bulbs of lead.

So she sat down on a small bench,
as I watch from behind
a plant, my mind
spinning, reeling, and wrenched,
from the reality of my bed.

The moon came down and professed it’s love,
for the tiny sun,
with it’s life on the gun,
“Please! Oh, Please! My beautiful dove!”
Cried the Moon to the Sun in my head.

The Sun, of course, found a perfect charm in
this young moon,
and before soon
she said that she could see no harm in
a romance carefully fed.

I sat there absolutely terrified.
Stricken with a grief.
Quivering as a leaf,
after a while i just cried
for the Moon and the Sun were to wed.

And when they finally parted with a sigh,
Their love didn’t last,
as some in the past.
They were never together again in the sky.
At long last of a wedding bouquet.

But sometimes they see each other again,
exploding the sky,
with colors so bright,
Creating sunrise, and gorgeous sunsets.
regretting what they had said.

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