Murderer She Wrote

Murderer she wrote,
She was a bright, young girl.
Murderer she wrote,
She had her head in the clouds.
Murderer she wrote,
She's so excited to start.
Murderer she wrote,
She was all about conquer, and control.
Murderer she wrote,
She didn't have a chance at all.
Murderer she wrote,
That all came to a bitter end for the long haul.

Murderer! Murderer!
What have you done!
You ripped out an innocent life by your own very hands.
The light in her eyes is slowly fading.
Leaving her there in a pool of her own blood.
She won't ever come back.
Memories are the only things she will leave behind.

Murderer she wrote.
She knows who killed her.
She will lead you to the clues to the ones who betrayed her.
Because even though in death, she cannot speak,
she knows and she feels to her very last breath..
once the pain and shock subsides, she doesn't remember the rest.

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