Murderer’s Row

He dug his own grave and put one foot in it
He got the shovel from his broken home
And the cemetery plot from the gang he joined
His dumpster home and cardboard blanket
Sent him on a suicide mission
"Kill a cop" they said
It was a wicked thing to do
"If you do it we'll bounce you right over the moon
Take his badge and his gun
And run bro run"
Was the promise that pulled the trigger
Who knew that day meant a life sentence in prison
Sitting in his cell
Witnesses' voices in his head
He licked his lips and this is what he said
"I never had a family
Ain't got no friends
I had a chance to get some brothers
Ended up a meth head
All them in the streets are
Just one shot away
From doing what I plan
On doing to day"
With that he stepped up on the chair
Put the noose around his neck
Broke his spine in one single step
"Too bad" the guards said
But they didn't mean it
Because they couldn't understand
Not one bit
That this is what happens
When you repent for stooping so low
And you got a rope with you
On murderer's row

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