Music is a passion. A love.
Wether if it's singing or playing an instrument.
When your playing to a song u fill the notes.
When your singing , you sing from your hart and sole.
The words you say come from your life or something u have seen.
Wether if it's heartache, happiness, sadness, depression or anything.
It all comes from the heart.
Some times when your writing a new song you get the words
by just sitting outside by yourself,
walking through a felid or riding.
You never know what might come to mind.
It could be about your childhood.
It could be about something you love or care about.
You embrace the words you say and the notes to
say the story you are telling.
You must have the passion for the art of music.
If u do it comes to you and you know the words are right.
If you have what it takes to be a song writer, a singer or
a musician fallow that dream.
I wish I would have fallowed my dream of being a singer.
And I had my chains to do it but I didn't have the
money to do so but if you do. Do it.
If you love making music with a passion go for that dream.
If you run into a bump in the rood on the way don't give up.
Keep going for it.
Never give up ever.

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