Music, the beauty of, romance
mirror, journey, time, space, life.
music is passion, passion is extreme emotion
emotion is our feelings, the way we see things
music is breathing, breathing is life, life is music.

Time, time, time,
tic, toc, tic, toc,
the beat is essential to life
yet you can be off beat
common to be on beat, but to be off is hot,
yet it sounds right, it feels right
to be off beat is to enjoy life, to enjoy music.

Music is intertwined with our lives
forming and shaping love 'til it's content
linking us together for our lives to end
yet, music cannot end.

A line of music reflects our journey throughout life
to express how we feel about what we have done

To live life is to listen and create and to live life to the fullest
carpe diem, till the end to which music will pull us through

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