Music Is Life

A song is written from the heart the Mona Lisa a piece of art
Beyond the rhythm and the sound will have you tapping from the start
Cant recite without a mic and
Don't perform without a stage
Excitement in your while the
Fans screaming your name,I'm like a
God in the booth, well
Hades shall I say
I get the thrill of signing autographs
Just knowing that people know my name
Kick records out the box
Mom I'm on top
Now shes my number one fan do anything to make her smile
Ovo that's xo no drake I'm
Proud of what I do
Quiet in the
Room I use music just to move
Started with A pen now I'm
Talking to record companies
Used what I've learned now I've upgraded from A penny
Value of A dollar
While my songs is worth A mill
X calling my phone saying your song is how I Feel
Yo' I'm living proof my music is what I feed them
Zebra I've earned my strips when I drop this you wont believe them

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