Music of the heart

One so young and proud. What is the meaning of the music we hear what is its purpose. Will we ever understand?Ever do I see her. She so full of life and joy. Ever do I see my reflection I am strong yet fragile handsome yet battle scarred smart yet impulsive. Ever am I between Light and dark yet through all this I see her, the image of perfection. Her voice of the heavens her laugh but ever above all the piano she plays and the music she makes. What is the sound of the night what is the passion of the summers breeze what is, the beauty of music what is the truth of beauty. Ever does she wonder of these. She one happier and freer than I could ever hope to be. I feel for her but I am scarred and tired, she is young and beautiful. As she plays her music ever does the air fills with peace and happiness. Why do I feel as though we are not truly equal, what is the fairness of hardship and turmoil when those around me laugh dance and love. What is the way of the woman opposed to the way of the warrior it is like the peace of summer and the rage of winter. I am young but battle scarred she is young but flawless. What is the music she does so play with grace and love what war must I face in the coming dawn. What does compare with my wounds that the sound of her music does ever sooth her music ever played by the light of the moon? What would I one born of winter not do to feel her warm kiss of summer? What would I not do only to hear thine music to feel the warmth and peace I seldom know. What is her passion for music? It is life. What is my love for her? It is hope. By the light of the full moon I ask her play thine piano and look past my scars and look upon me as I look onto you with beauty.

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