Music is a sea
Grand, dazzling with varieties
Waves brimming with profound excellence

Some sharp, slamming against the rigid rocks
Some calm, glistening tamely beneath the golden sun

Music is a therapeutic escape
Soothing the tense,
Empowering the fearful

Channeling every depth of our complex emotions
Beholding the power words fail to describe

With it we cope,
With it we accept our sorrows,
Uncover our wherewithal within to carry on
The wherewithal few know they possess

With music we see the infinity of life's exquisite wonders
With music we find ourselves
We lose ourselves as well
Swept up in every powerful wave
Passionately empowered

The ecstasy crystalizes hope into life's hidden promise
Concealed slyly in every ripple and sway
Music is such a beautiful sea

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This Poems Story

Ever since the age of three, I've been folding up papers in the shape of books, stapling the binding, and writing short stories. Writing is my passion and my escape. All my life I've known what I wanted to be: an author. The power and beauty words behold tethered together made me fall in love with poetry and all its possabilities to explore and express.