Musings of a Manic Dreamer

Let's dance together at the moon tonight.
We'll keep it awake, fly there on a kite.
Reach it, we believe, I'll push the throttle.
There we'll leave a message in a bottle

Come follow the sun all the way today.
Put it to rest and then we'll foreplay.
Mirror the stars, we'll show the night
Our wonderful way to be alright.

Let's burn bright and streak across the sky
To Saturn's rings, not ready to die.
We dance on the rings, then keep on streaking,
Test what fate brings, for so we are peaking.

Now that he's back, the man understands
Those galaxies and greatest of fairylands,
They exist for our latest imaginings,
To create the ideal of far better things.

In his alley they huddle 'round tall drums of fire.
Keeping warm he hears the cracks of gunfire.
'Neath a streetlamp dies the dealer and whore.
It burns him to find he doesn't feel it no more.

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This Poems Story

This is a story of the plight of untreated mentally ill. In this poem, the character is presenting with full-blown mania. His delusions of gradeur are only in his head. He is unaware that they are delusions and flights of fancy. He then comes down and in so doing, just begins to go into a major depression; he has a lot further to descend in his depression. This process does not occur this quickly. It is only for the sake of the poem I have condensed it. I hope to raise awareness of this problem.