Must We See It To Believe?

By Da Poet   

You can’t see it, but it’s there.
This mysterious thing that we breathe, it’s called air.
It becomes second nature it’s very clear,
we have no trouble believing although you don’t see it, but it’s here.

A dog barks, a bell rings, a gun shot fired,
alerts our auditory senses that we’ve acquired.
Now seeing is believing, however, you don’t always see the sounds that you hear,
but you still believe in what you’ve heard is very clear.

A spoken word set in motion,
brings forth reactions which is no notion.
A speaking tongue spews words you can hear,
but you’ll never see the spoken word though far or near.

A windmill spins, a wind chime chimes, a cloud floats by,
it’s very obvious the wind is blowing you can’t deny?
But, we can’t see the wind with the naked eye,
but we still believe, I wonder why?

These examples I’ve mentioned are commonly understood as we believe,
however, to believe in our Creator is very hard for some to conceive?
Therefore, if seeing is believing how is it that you believe in that which you can’t see?
There within lies the next question, why don’t you believe in (the Lord thy GOD) me?

Who woke you up this morning? Was it you?
Were you aware some didn’t wake up? I guess you did that too?
Who set the sun and moon in the sky? Do you have any clue?
Who brings forth the thunder and rain, and then turns the sky blue?

Oh that’s right, I forgot where we are it’s nothing new,
this message will only be accepted, believed, and understood by a few.
We pray for all non-believer’s you’re still a part of this crew,
we still love you, because it is the proper christian thing to do.

2 Timothy 7:11; GOD Bless You All


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