Silence is a sleeper for synthesizing solace
An alchemic mixture refined and well polished
A technique practiced by the self-controlled and savvy
So unique and so bold; I crave this skill so madly

My mouth is a tunnel to only dead ends
Miscommunication and my words have become best friends
My voices echoes agony to all that lend an ear
Why do I spew venom to those I hold most dear?

Unintentional doesn't erase words from being said
Please understand that your emotions are misled
I wish that my thoughts ran as fast as my mouth
I didn't mean to be the reason this conversation turned south

If actions speak louder than words than why do I only regret the things I say, and not what I do?
If actions speak louder than words than why are my words the only thing that hurt you?
Talk is cheap, but I say enough to turn change into millions
Please understand, I honestly never meant to hurt any feelings

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