with all the time spent here, we start noticing things
in our homes. the dust along the skirting boards. the
cardboard boxes in the top of our wardrobes. they are
labeled 'winter coats' and 'old shoes', but that is
not all we find. we find lost languages that we were
once fluent in but have long since forgotten. we take
the time to revisit them. relearn them. and the
tenderness of it all leaves a familiar taste on our
tongues. remember when we once had wild dreams?
when we gave ourselves the time to try them on like
enormous winter coats and dancing shoes that our
toes couldn't reach the ends of? oh we have long since
outgrown them. we have forgotten how to speak
the language of our youth. but we take the time, and
it comes back to us slowly. we shake the dust off our
dreams. we dance around the house. the clock
ticks over and the hours soften. we, like time, are
turning tender. a tiny and tremendous

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