Mutual Desire

-Mutual Desire-


Morning glories....boring stories.
Nightmares about strangers who stare.
Dreams of moonbeams, rivers, & streams.

Money I will never again lend.
That's the alternate end.
Not again your promises bend.

Your word is a lie.
Soon I hope you will die.
It's karma so don't wonder why.

The truth you wouldn't know if you tried.
Misery of being broke makes you cry.

- Haiku-
Hawaii, Ireland, and France, three places I would want to go.
Pot belly piggies, chipmunks, & baby lambs I want to know.
Vacations & new pets, and working cars that don't get towed.
What will destiny, karma, trinity, infinity, & fate have bestowed?

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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