My Addiction

Slow dancing while our prospects went up in shame,
Like puppets we acted oblivious to the chains.
Our incompatible desire disguised as love,
We Rendered together by mutual demons as if it was enough.
Angelic features,
Shattered hearts.
Like a fix I craved your touch to keep me compelled by the dark.
Whiskey scented passion,
Our main source of knowing satisfaction.
Just as black doves we flew into a new reality of true
White powder,
Caffiene fuelled hours
Seeking signs of serenity as if there was a higher power.
Our addiction was our appeal,
We disregarded, ashamed of what we thought was real.
Dulling our senses to search for elation,
I had found my sinful form of my salvation.
Was it intamicy or was it denial?
Regardless, we remembered what it felt like to smile.

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This Poems Story

I was an addict for 5 years. This describes a story of what happens when you try to love and have a passion for drugs. You cant have both.