My Addiction

Am I the fool that has been hooked in the heart at such an early
stage in life's game? You have been a constant thought in my
head since the day I met you. Could you be my weakness?

For so long I have been so strong keeping my feelings, my
thoughts and emotions buried deep within tucked away under lock
and key. Again, I ask could you be my weakness?

Now with this new found friendship I am rejuvenated, my feelings
are so vibrant and alive shinning deep from within to ensure
maximum exposure to your heart so that I am perfect in your eyes.
You must be my weakness.

Always overcome by your beauty, I am craving your touch like a
newborn child. I await the next time I hear your voice relaying
sweet vibrations to my eardrums. I long to see your grin signaling
you get my message loud and clear. Clearly you are my weakness.

Gently caressing you with my fingertips preventing any stray marks
from deforming your perfect body. Lying down beside you only to feel
your firm, tight body backed up against mine getting lost in each
other. Holding you tight in my arms shielding you from pain,
fantasizing about being your architect creating the ultimate smile on
your face that will never fade. Damn, you are more than my weakness,
you are my addiction and I am hooked!

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