My Africa

They think Africa is filled with wild animals
Grazing across a vast plain alongside the living souls
Who barely cover up their dark chocolate skins
Spending their days working under
The immense heat released from the sun
Whiles at night we go back
To our darkened houses illuminated by rushlights
But that is not my Africa

They think we have no control over our emotions
We’re constantly at war
Training our young boy soldiers
To be heartless and wreak havoc
As they master the use of a machete
Which results in mass casualties
And fear lingering amongst our towns
But that is not my Africa

They think we are infectious people
Carrying exotic diseases
Of which we have no cure
Contracted because we live on scraps
Eating the inedible
As we are a poverty-stricken society
Lacking the knowledge of proper health care
But that is not my Africa

My Africa contains people
Who sing in multiple mother tongues
And come from different countries
Filled with rich cultures and joyous souls
Who would rather be at peace
Than have an eye for an eye
My Africa is a safe haven
Home to beautiful nature
From the roar of the ocean
To the crackling of leaves on our coconut trees
To the smell of chocolate
From homegrown cocoa
A place jewels can be uncovered
Within the depths of the soil
Creating an image that They can only dream of
This is my Africa

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