My All

The apple of my eye
the sunshine in my sky.
The warmth upon my skin
the love I cherish within.
My umbrella in the rain
the faith that keeps me sane.
The innocence that they keep
the beauty that makes you weep.
The moon in my sky
the shooting stars that fly by.
The strength that I behold
the patience to bend not fold.
The blessings in my life
the motivation to do what's rite.
The very reason for my existence
the light that stays consistent.
The happiness within my heart
the bond that won't ever part.
The wisdom to understand
the effort to lend a hand.
The dedication to stay involved
the memories that are my all.
The very thing that keeps me going
the aura that has me glowing.
The one truth, beyond a doubt
the kids of mine, I'd be nothing without.

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    I wrote this about my amazing kids