My Angel

So your the angel in my dreams,
the one that says my name so sweet,
for days i forget how you seemed,
because all i did was weep.

Cry with my music loud blast and laying the sand,
the only release is the razor-blade in my hand,
i feel so close i feels the devils land,
so i close my eyes and draw my shaking hand,
across my wrist and fall into the devils own hands.

God wont save me i already know,
but your my servant you have to show,
atleast a tinge of love or pity in your tales,
but i dont care if you dont know,
i mysteriously slit my wrists tonight,
so you wont see me up and ready to fight...

Are you the angel in my dreams?
The one that says my name so sweet.
The angel that brings a smile to my face.
Are you the one?

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