My Angel

My angel has invisible wings
His golden hair is his halo
Heaven’s light shines brightly
In his ever-smiling eyes

I didn’t believe in angels
Until he landed softly
In my heart
And saved my life

He made the tears stop
Made the scars fade
Because all he wanted
Was for me to smile

He fulfills every promise
Keeps every secret
And holds me tightly
When the demons come to visit

In my dreams he has wings
I no longer have nightmares
I don’t make wishes anymore
I already have my angel

Though he says he’s nothing special
I know the truth
He was sent to me
So I could live and breathe again

I hope he never disappears
Because he’d take my heart with him
Leaving me hollow
With blissful memories turned upside down

I didn’t want to risk my heart
But it’s far too late now
Is it wrong to fall in love
With your guardian angel?

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