My Angel

I thought to only see an angel when it's my time to leave this earth
For truly so far in this life I've done nothing notably of worth
But then one day she came to me though others do not see
That the woman that has won my heart an angel she must be

Now although I cannot see her wings they must be hidden there
For I have caught a glimpse of a halo glistening about her hair
Looking into those big brown eyes stars and galaxies there within
She has a smile that lights up the night not just a cheeky grin

Though with those lips she kisses me my breath I have no more
Thus when we part my heart restarts beating faster than before
Now sirens lured men to their deaths for the lyrics they have heard
The voice this angel has when she speaks song and music every word

For the rest of this fair angel my opinion you my not doubt
Standing there before Venus and like me not worthy to ask her out
So although my words refer to other things and people out of time
This angel fell to this earth for me inspiring this tiny rhyme

So glad I am to tell you that no I have not died
Nor would I believe another to say that I had lied
But for those of us who have found them and got angels in our life
I am very fortunate mine married me and is my very loving wife

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