My Anti-bullying Day Poem

Not all bullies are kids at school
Who knew a mother could be so cruel
It's not to say kids never picked on me,
But when I hear the word "bully" it's you I see
Your insults were steady and very low blows
Sometimes with a slap across my face or when you cut up my nose
Hot oil up my arms for asking for a ride
Scars no longer appear in the summer, but the memory sticks by my
Though the insults and put downs were what really hurt
I wasn't bad at all, but you made sure I had no self worth
I was just a kid, what did I do!
I never understood it, I just don't get you!
I have tried to let you back in my life over the years
But you name call, insult, and put down until you bring me to tears
So you have run out of chances you get no more
With you out of my life I'm not bullied anymore!!

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