My Apology To You

Okay let's see, um yup it's absolutely true
I'm so crazy madly in love with you

So with that said, where do we go from here
Never to listen to anyone nor show any fear

I'm so happy that I am yours and you are mine
Honestly if we aren't perfect to me that's just fine

I've gotten so used to goodbye I always want to run
Instead of seeing that all I missed is here "The One"

And so, sorry to me is just a five letter word
That if I were to say it to you, it would be absurd

Please forgive me though, this I do ask
Only if you see fit and are up for the task

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    This Poems Story

    I was always ready to run from the person who hurt me the most , that I never really saw the person in front of me all along. So willing to love me and be there for me. And knowing this now I absolutely plan on sticking through anything with the one who truly has shown me real love.