My Baby

I love you. I can't stress it enough. I've had you for a month, but I'm gonna have you for a lifetime and then some. You're so much to me. Cute. Sweet. Lovable. Funny.
Cute. You're hella cute. Physically and mentally. You make the cutest noises. You have the cutest face. It's cute when you whine. It's cute when you do anything. You're just cute.
Sweet. You're compassion is just unexplainable. You care. You take time out of your day to talk to me. You trust me. You're just so perfect to me.
Lovable. You're so lovable. The way you talk, the way you're a geek sometimes about gaming. The way you tell me things when I'm sad to make me happy. Your voice. Your fears. I love them all. As I said. You don't need to be some Knight in shining armour. I love you for you. Not who others want you to be. I got more than I'd thought I'd get. You're so wonderful.
Funny. You're hella funny. You make those cute little jokes. I remember when you first asked me out, you were telling puns. You said, "Take this one seriously," and went on with the pun. I honestly really needed to say yes. I thought you were perfect, and I still do. We enjoy many of the same things, but most of all, I enjoy having you. Thanks for being mine.
I thought of many things to do for you. Like giving you, or filling a box with reasons I loved you. But that's out of the picture, considering I can't send you any of it. I have a passion for poetry, though I'm not so good at it...and I have a passion for you. So, I decided why not write you you a poem? Here it is:

I've seen a thousand days,
I've lived a thousand, too.
I want to tell you all the ways,
I've come to love you, boo.

I've lived a life of misery,
With no one else beside me.

Of all the times,
I've come to fall.
Sound the chimes,
I'm trying to call.

I'm calling [for] someone special,
I'm calling [for] someone kind.
I want to have him soon,
He's always on my mind.

The fragile heart I have,
The one I held so close,
The heart I once protected,
I now am letting go.

My love, he has his fears,
Sometimes [he] resides to tears.
But with my hearing ears,
I can't hear what he fears.

I have fears, and they're of him,
But not because he's him.

Because he's so much better.
Because he can leave me.
Stormy is the weather,
Without him to lead.

Lead me through the darkness.
Baby, you're my light.
My life is such a mess,
But you make it feel alright.

Hold me in your arms,
Lead me through this time,
Keep me with your charms,
No pennys, nickels, [or] dimes.

Your charms of cuteness,
The ones you do possess.
With you I'm blessed,
Do what you do best.

Be you.
You're cute.
You make me smile wide.

It's true.
You do.
Make me feel alive.

So, close your eyes and wipe your tears,
Because I'm here.
Baby, some day, maybe,
You'll deteriorate your fears.

A thousand days I've lived,
A thousand I have seen.
A thousand you'll have given,
A thousand you'll have been mine.

You're sadness will succomb,
Your sorrows won't surpress.
Your fears will soon be done,
You'll be able to rest.

Hope you like it, baby.

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