My Baptism

For when I was a child,
I always knew the inner soul of me believed in a faith,
But discovering my Christian faith as a child is what made me smile,
I used to visit different Churches just to find the right one for me it took a while,
But for God I will go the extra mile, to worship here by
Learning the way of Jesus Christ and the word of God was truly a blessing and worthwhile,
Attending this Church taught me a lot
Stuff people tend to take for granted or instantly forgot
I will sacrifice for the Lord by giving him my life
For he is my beloved and I want to make things right
Today is my baptism which symbolizes something great
It’s about the new life after death am about to take
I’m not saying it will be easy after that, the Devil will try to break
I won’t fall into temptation as I don’t want My Lords heart to ache
Today my sins will be wiped for good as Jesus will wash them away
Jesus to me is my saviour, He’s my king who leads the righteous way
Knowing and believing in Jesus is love and he will never let me be astray
So, I willingly place my trust and heart into the Holy Trinity
I want to get Baptist so I can follow Jesus example and have a life full of divinity
But also, I want to be fully committed to the Lord and to spread my love of Christianity to infinity
I love you, God, I love you, Jesus

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