My beautiful country

Beautiful that you are, you shine with a thousand and one wonder. Among the 197 countries of the world, you are the most beautiful. I love you my country, I'm proud to be born here and to be one of your sons.

You gave me a way of living to which everywhere I go, people know where I'm from. Everywhere I'll be, I'll reflect you my beautiful country. I'll reflect our habits and costums. You are a part of me; you are my delight, and you are incomparable.

Others envy you because of your beauty, yes you are beautiful. When I'm outside of you, I remember you, your wonders and it makes my flesh creep. Yeah beautiful, beautiful is my country, the promise Land of the world where when you enter, you don't come out the same person because it is special.

Your beauty quenches thirst, satisfies the hungry belly and give hope to those who despair. You are known as the one who solves problems because you are blessed by the gods, and the fruit of your belly is blessed.

With you I learnt to walk, with you I learnt to speak, ahead of your eyes I grew up. I changed through the years, but you are still the same my beautiful country.

The extraordinary thing is: you are so welcoming that everyone is welcome at your place. Your doors are open to anyone wishes. When people are turned they look towards you, you open your heart.

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