My Bed

My bed..
In the beginning , there was a sense of clarity,but as soon as I got dress for school I realized that

waking up was the worst thing that happen to me.Speaking of the truth ,there was a

sense of ruptness in my skin.If you were me you would feel the force within ,when you wake

up next to the porcelain,which is a pile of dishes,sometimes I try to circum the thought of doing

them, then you next,i'm at school , and they tell me that what I'm about to do is chronic.Im an

anthrop not an animal.Then there I was able to listen to the phon ,which was a song.Mr.wylde

told everyone to trib him there phone.I tried to morph into a robot.As I was bored in the room,I

began to graph in my notebook,dia my mind was a little sign of school crime.I felt like an

asteroid in the sky as I waited there feeling dry.I try so hard not to defy, but as i think of my bed it

makes me cry.Now my ped is hurting ,while i’m sitting on the chair ,next my head is hurting ,got

me sleeping like a bear.

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