My Best Friend

Where have you left me?
Your Haunting image reoccurs so often in my head.
What am I to do?
Every moment feels like a waste without your presence.
How do I overcome? So many memories and I will never relive them.

You took me as the young individual I was and showed me what
love is all about.
You enlightened my world with your ideals and values and I
learned how much more there is to life.
Now we are no longer us.
The two we were seems will never come back alive.
The flame has shut out by a cold soulless wind.

Countless memories over the years I had to call you mine.
Countless mistakes over the years I had to call you mine.
I Love you is something that remains true.
So what do I do now? What does my life entail?
Whenever I see you i realize the painstaking realization.
The past will always remain the past.

So what do I do now?
Will I ever know you like i used to years ago?...
Will you be a part of my future?
Are you the one I will always compare the next to?

What do I do with all these memories and pictures of us?
Will you ever reminisce like I do?
Why do I love you so much?
My Best friend, where did you go...

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