My Best Friend

Laying in the quiet
All the children fast asleep
I listen to the silence
Hoping to hear the sounds of his feet
His pager went off again, calling him out of bed
The dispatcher called off the address, with an echoing shout
He kissed me on the forehead
Turned and then ran out
You can hear the sound of his sirens
And see the flashing of his lights
Someone other than me needed him tonight
Maybe there was a fight, between a husband and a wife
Or maybe someone gave up, and wanted to end their life
Maybe there's a fire
Or a vehicle over turned
Whatever the call, he is out the door in a hurry
While I am left at home, alone, engulfed in worry
I sit and pray for my fireman
That God will keep him safe and bring him home again
I hope with all his pride and bravery
That no one will make mistakes
I sit and wonder what's happening to my best friend
The waiting never seems to end
But when the front door opens
I sigh with relief
I'm back in his arms where I should be
Falling fast asleep

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