My Best Friend

My Best Friend.
We met two years ago.
You found me on Face Book.
Who was this man asking me out?
I just ignored him and carried about.
This man named Rick sure did persist
Never let up. He broke down the walls
I had hidden between . Never wanting to
Love or be a part of . This man called Rick
Now was a friend or so I thought . To afraid
To admit he had won my heart . I stayed
Quiet never letting on. One day I was taken away
And knew In that moment he was my heart.
My love and best friend. I couldn’t tell him
Separated by bars . Unable to touch him
Or show him my love . I could only pray
He would find me so I could bare my soul.
Now we are married and living apart . My
Heart is shattered and torn all apart .
How do I reach him and make him see , we are
The same two who made it this far. Loved laughed and made precious memories and so many years to make more . Fight for our love and our friendship my love and never forget till death us do part. Forever I’ll be the one by your side the one you can count on when Life
Let’s you down. The women you call wife but what’s more important is the one you call Friend . Trust Faith and love but most of all honor is what we taught . Trust in our love have faith and honor the vows we took . You are my husband and I am your wife . Ride or Die baby till death we do part.

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This Poems Story

I fell in love with my best friend we married and now are trying to find our way back to being best friends.