My Best Friend

What is a friend for I want to know..
A friend is a man that know who you are..
A friend will make you smile when you feel sad and blue for a true friend will smile with you …
Some friends will come and go you will see but a true best friend will stay will you no matter how far you live apart..
Some friends will just listen to you when you talk
But a true friend will give you advice to you problems you have and a true friend will watch over and care for your feelings…
When you need a friend that is always true you should ask yourself what would I do…
Do I ask a man that knows me well ?
That is a question I know so well..
So I will ask my best friend for some advice he will listen to what I say he will give me the best advice and I will listen to what he says…He will talk to me in away that I will know how to listen to him for he is my true best friend. So when I sleep at night I know he is watching me at night and when I wake up in the morning I have a smile in my heart that I know you are my very best friend..
So now I know who my very best friend is…

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