Cameroon my friend
What a loving caring humble friend I’d say
Coated with so much love her place you’d call a home
Too good that she plays her role acting so nice, wearing a lovely smile, all along
A great talent she got
And if by chance baptised, proudly I’d call her sister
For the thought of her shoes forgets the blisters on my foot
And her absence is more of her presence
that every time my spirit is down, I think of her smiley face and everything goes back to place
yet her presence confuses my problems
That when I am sad in my ragged dress put to place full of patches from my younger brother’s best sheets I think of her green blue and red dress and my heart melt for I have a blessed friend.
And when I play with her she decorates my skin printing black permanent Zebra marks tearing my flesh with her coloured nails revealing the red liquid that holds my life, just because I could not tell the dress she wore was new,
And I am so hurt, pained, sad and proud for I have a princess for a friend

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