My Black Hair

My black hair is the most original part of me.
It blows with the wind,
It flows like a stream.
It grows like the flowers you see in spring.
It swirls and dances along side me.
My black hair is as dark as the night sky.
It represents my black sisters and brothers.
It tells stories of who I am.
My natural hair tells you I am proud.
I am not ashamed, from the roots I came
Because my roots are naturally tamed.
Its natural curls spiral down
Like the spiraling of the planets,
How they contiue going,
My hair continues growing.

No one has my naps, no one has my tangles,
My hair is original in every single angle.
I am proud to wear my own God-given hair.
My black hair tells stories of who I am.
The roots of my hair say I am an African queen,
And a Japanese empress.
My Japanese side comes out when I straighten it out,
But when it's not straight, it's curly,
And when it's curly, it's nappy,
And when I'm nappy...I'm still happy!

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