My blood runs deep

My blood runs deep with kings and queens,fighters and artists.
It runs deep with musicians and architects.My blood is deep with sports players, prince and princesses.It runs deep with the souls of the sun baked slaves from Ireland to Africa and from Africa to Bahamas.
My eyes cry tears from my ancestors who looked to the Heavens and saw past the Moon and the stars.My ancestors danced a dance of freedom and liberty so I wont have to go through what they did.
Our scars tell stories of the many hardships and trials and tribulations that tested our faith and patience.
Yea our battle scars maybe different and our war wounds may have came from different areas and aspects of our lives yet we each still have a story to tell.
My ancestors even though bound and chained up were never afraid to be strong no matter how much or many times they were whipped.
My blood runs deep with the people who helped build Bahamas and America.
My laughter speaks of the joys that my ancestors and myself have seen.
My mind reminds me of who and where I come from when I get down and become weak.
You say my hair is nappy and my skin is to dark but when I look at myself I see a generation of strong, faith believing, mild tempered, family orientated family tree.
Even though I know my family tree is big and still growing but I'm glad I still have family from the early generation to talk too and learn from.
My blood runs deep with a family that loves hard and has patience that flows deep.
I'm proud of my family tree the little that I know of which is fine with me I get great joy finding more and more about who I am and the type of blood that runs through my system.So once again I say the blood that runs through my veins is no ordinary blood it's the blood of my ancestors from Ireland to Africa and from Africa to Bahamas and from the islands of Bahamas to the cities and states of America.

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