My Body…

My body...

My body, my temple
My body, my temple
My body, my temple
My body, my temple...

I break down to the complexes of you.
I hold myself at a lower a standard, and uplift you.
I prayed to God for u.
B4 I knew my worth, made u feel like the best man on earth.
In my eyes.
I lied, cause all I feel is hurt.
How u the best man on earth when u dont treat me like my worth.
I give u my love.
Heart, mind, body, and soul.
For u to treat me like I'm worthless as I help u reach your goals.
Tears fall and u not there, but your the cause so it makes sense that u not there.
U say u ain't changed and I know that's its true but I did and I know I deserve better then u.
I deserve to be loved, I deserve to live too.
Emotions run high whenever I think of, or around you.
I try to hide but my feelings always show thru.
Wondering, what can I do?
Nothing, you've done all u can do.
You made me feel like a fool and I thought u was there for me cause u said I still love u.
No, I still love u.
With all your flaws and all, I cant even begin with u.
U cut me at the core cause angry. I take it in stride and pride, trying to act like a lady.
On my knees I please until I give u all of me.
My heart, my mind, my soul, and my body.
Only to go right back to where u met me.
U take my fears and use them as ammo when u angry.
I move on, trying not to hold on and realize u affect me.
I am a queen I deserve nothing less.
Even in the worst in make the best.
And I take back nothing. No regrets.
So that lead me to believe u was heaven sent.
So I gave u my body and I laid with u.
Regardless of the consequence I would stay with you.
Then reality kicked in and I realized u are a trigger.
Hand gripping the pistol but it's not for this nigga.
I turn the gun around and apply pressure to the deliver.

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