My Body

I’m too young for my body to feel this old.
My muscles ache from the tension,
and my brittle bones feel ready to break.
I wake tired and restless, my head overwhelmed
by the constant overthinking.
My lungs feel heavy and the weight makes it hard to breathe.
My hands shake and I can’t seem to make them steady.
My fingers feel stiff, making it hard to ever
get a grip on anything.
My skin appears splotchy, almost sallow some days.
When I look in the mirror, my face shows signs of exhaustion,
and these stress lines seem to be permanent.
My eyes, once bright,
now seem overcast and outlined in sadness.
Dark shadows form beneath them;
a side effect from the insomnia
that is ever present each night.
My heart is starting to feel cold,
and doesn’t seem to beat the way it once did.
I need to try to calm, to relax, to rejuvenate.
But can’t seem to find a place to rest my weary head.
And it hurts to feel so old, when I’m still too young.

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