my body

My body is a person that has feeling and can move
I can hear speak and listen to voices all around me
I can feel everything and see color
The whispering sounds from the wind to my window are quiet
Then i hear a call from my mom as she rants to me about my grades I keep my
Mouth shut it made me feel terrible, I knew i was right
I stumble up to my room slam the door the light goes off
It's dark and there was silence
I'm growing older
Mother still thinks I'm this kid that is the age of 12 but I'm not anymore
No one is ever here for me I'm tired of being alone
I sit in my room silently and cry
I hate my life
I hate my body
Even when my body is great and I have all the things a lot of people don't have I hate it
I wish my mother understood me I'm tired of trying
One day I will be gone off to college
It will be very peaceful as well as my room quiet and not stressed out
I dream of being a better kid but sometimes it's hard
I don't know what I'm doing wrong
It's okay though
My thoughts in my head go wild
As if I think of the positive things I can
As I lay in my bed
The seeling looking like shattered glass
As my eyes easy to fall asleep
It was all suddenly silence

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