My body behind doors

I like my body behind doors
No ones eyes can view its nature
I wear what I think is pretty
Then I’m compared either by others like me
Or the opposite

The opposite make me hide with their looks that make me feel uncomfortable
The ones like me are threatened or demolished
I like neither

Compliments I push
Catcalls I avoid

My body and age don’t match
Maturity is a privilege
Not an excuse
Yes I seem older but I’m not

I like my body behind doors
I do because hidden by them I don’t feel like an invitation
One that says
“Please check me out, look at me and grin while you think of what you’d like to do with me”
When Men do this they loose they’re common sense to think

Think of how I feel to be looked at like that at the age of sixteen by men who already have a family which also includes a daughter that might feel the same as how I do but with another man

What are you going to do about it ?
Nothing they say it’s the way it is

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