My body is frail

Abducted and tied in a dark room that palpitates the
heart of regular pump,
The flesh looks pale and echoes way through the
firmly built palatial.

He panders,a pang pant as they hold my throat and
deathly silence followed.

It is a deadly day dream that persuates in delusion
while demoralizing one's interest,
Such diminishes and is a complete fiasco.

They have embittered and corroded by acids of
prevailing hatred.
Their fists hit the face hard enough till i wore a
martyred expression,while they laugh in merriment.

I scream loud enough till faintness joins the spirit,
What more could really change this outlook?
My body is frail,with anguish and throes.

The camouflage dims the retina,could blindness be
the one knocking at this time of desperation?
The strength is gone and can hardly breathe,
Tick tock!The clock is ticking,I sought to free myself
from these intolerable pain wring a tear.

Quivering while glinding through the mystical
castle,only skulls and corpses i see,
Raucous and blood dribbling down the walls,
Crawling in this repulsive mired bloody floor only to
wake up in this sorriest dream that took part in this

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This Poems Story

This poem reflects when I got abducted 5 years back.It was a tragic incident for me of which I was beaten nearly to death,but later rescued and still recovering from emotional trauma.