My Box Of Chocolates

I have a box of chocolates
Dense, dark truffles
Sweet as can be.
My chocolates make them happy
The smiling faces granting my deeper wish
A smile fades
“Take one of my chocolates”, so I may see your precious smile once more
The day seems grey for another, stuck in a dark enclosed space
Would chocolate make it brighter?
“I fear where my future will lead me… will I ever truly succeed?”
I offer a chocolate
“Will this ease your conscience?”
I give my best smile
A soft chuckle arises from their throat, making my smile feel genuine
Not that it wasn’t before…
With the loss of each chocolate, the feeling is gained
Each smile grants me a moment of peace
Each laugh, a moment of light pierces my dim mind
Before it fades, black as pitch once more.
My chocolates aren’t endless, but they are of no use to me if I can make others feel what I can't
The feelings I just can’t seem to grasp, instead flowing through them
It gives me a pinch of happiness
I only wish I could understand it
The feeling gained is also of no use, it seems.
When my chocolates run out, all is right in my world
They are happy,
They are satisfied.
I discard my empty box, exhausted
Yet still, my smile remains.
A simple question
A cacophony of ringing bells in my ears
The singular question
Yet there is no answer amongst the absurdity that is me
It will never be answered.
The numbness spreads like a disease, and yet no cure is to be found.
The numbness of each day pushed aside.
“Chocolates, anyone

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