My Boy

The first time I saw my baby's face,
the clock began a ticking race,
And, as my boy began to grow,
the clocks tic tock alarmed me so.

His first smile, words and tears,
steps in familiar spheres.
As the clock continued to soar,
my boy grew and began to explore.

The clock picked up its pace,
he transformed to a teenagers face.
Since youth like time can't stand still,
an adult chose a career.

He enlisted in the service, came home today, and asked me to pack,
They're sending me away.

We packed, prayed and we hugged once more,
He turned to me before closing the door,
"Don't worry mom", "they trained me you see,
Yes mom, I know "I'm still your baby".

Needless to say the clock seized life with its force,
It won the race once more of course.

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