My Brain Tells Me Different

“Thank you,”
“For fixing me.”
“We’re never broken,”
“For you can change the World.”
Some days, the clouds spell out my sorrows
I have to use my imagination just to paint in some Sun
And I’m really no different
From any other person suffering in the mind
The thoughts of the human brain are powerful
So powerful, in fact, they could end a soul
The wires in our brains are too convincing
When they tell us we could end it all
You want the thoughts to stop, but your brain is on a rant
Why is my brain stuck on a tale of woe?
Like a broken record player, the sorrows keep going and going
Someone hand me a hammer, so I can smash this record player into pieces
Or hand me a gun
I’ll end this negativity’s life with a “bang, bang, bang”
“Thank you,”
“For fixing me.”
“We’re never broken.”
So I built new avenues
Through the World with a new attitude
We all have a brain
Sometimes, they can think in the wrong ways
But don’t ever let that make you forget, you can change the World

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