My Broken Heart

How can you look at me and walk away?
How can I go on without your
laughter?How can I sleep when you are so far away?
My heart is filled with memories of your smile life
is so hard but loving you was so easy.
No matter what we said with the bitterness
of anger in our prescence. I forget all the wrong you said
or did when I simply look at you.
I can't remember why I was mad but
I remember how it feels when my hand touches your cheek.
I can't remember why you made me cry
but I can still feel your lips on mine.
If I was an angel
I would write your name across the sky I race to my
bed at night so my soul can dream of a
perfect world where we meet at the
beginning of heaven and we hold hands throughout time
where there are no words only songs of love we made
you hold me the way only you can the stars
are beneath our feet and the heavens are the clouds around
us but morning comes and you're still not here.
continue to look for you my dream is over
Can I ask you to be my reality?

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