My broken heart

My heart has been broken.
Shattered in to a thou an prices.
The pain like being stabbed in the heart.
A aching pain that won't go away.
For I'm looking for that one woman.
To put my heat back together agin.

Does she exists that special woman.
She has to be out there somewhere.
I have tried to find her with no avail.
I'm either too nice or not good enough.
They want me to be someone I'm not.
Why can't I find her, the one that want me.

So I keep trying and trying.
With each new woman I fall for.
My heart get broken agin.
For they say all they want is to be friends.
So when I talk or see them.
The pain is stronger then before.

I pray and hope to find just one.
Someone I will fall for.
Who will love me for who I am.
Till then I have to live with the pieces.
Of my broken heart.
Hopping for for it to be whole agin one day.

Shaun D. Weller

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